Easy Decorating Tips To Make Your Cookies Shine

Roll your slice-and-bake and drop cookies in the following sugars to give them some sparkling flare. 


Sparkling Sugar: For drop cookies that sparkle—literally—roll them in sparkling sugar. This glistening coating works best on mild, buttery recipes, like sugar cookies, or along the edges of slice-and-bake cookies. 

Turbinado and Demerara Sugars: Offering plenty of shine and crunch like sparkling sugar, turbinado sugar and demerara sugar are large, raw sugar crystals that will give a slight caramel tinge and flavor to your cookies. We recommend using them with your more strongly flavored dough, like spiced or chocolate cookies.

Flavored Sugars: Imparting a hint of extra flavor, try coating your cookies in a scented sugar, like Heilala Vanilla Sugar or a homemade citrus sugar flavored with orange zest. 


Drop Cookies: Place about ¼ cup (50 grams) desired sugar into a small bowl. Roll your cookie dough into balls, and roll balls in sugar to coat. Add more sugar to bowl if necessary. 

Slice-and-Bake Cookies: Place parchment paper on a cutting board, and sprinkle about ½ cup (100 grams) desired sugar onto parchment. After shaping cookie dough into a log, roll dough log on sugar-covered parchment, firmly pressing so sugar adheres to surface. Add more sugar to surface if necessary. 

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