Top 9 Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Bread Basket

Onion Twist Bread in cast iron skillet on wood surface
Onion Twist Bread

Whether you slather it in butter or use it to soak up the last of your gravy, bread is an essential part to any Thanksgiving meal. Some bread even pulls double duty as the perfect doughy bookends for that coveted leftover turkey sandwich. From our classic Parker House rolls to our centerpiece-worthy monkey bread, these recipes are the missing pieces to your epic Thanksgiving bread basket. 

  1. Clover Beer Rolls

We infused this dough with a light amber ale because it offers subtle notes of toasty malt and sweet citrus that balance out the savory Parmesan and roasted garlic. A hoppy beer (like an IPA) would make the bread too bitter. Place three dough balls into a muffin cup to yield a charming clover shape. Find more dinner roll recipes in our 2018 November/December Issue, here

2. Parker House Round Rolls

Feathery light and buttery, Parker House dinner rolls are a classic you’ll serve again and again. Our round variation is the most versatile for dressing up with different flavors, such as dill and Gruyère

Rosemary Parmesan Soda Bread

3. Rosemary Parmesan Soda Bread

The divine pairing of fresh Parmesan and rosemary strikes a perfect balance between the simple ingredients and deliciously complex flavors in this savory take on tradition.

Parmesan-Gouda Fantails
Photography by Matt Armendariz | Recipe Development and Food Styling by Marian Cooper Cairns

4. Parmesan Gouda Fantails

The nutty flavor of Gouda pairs well with the pilsner and yeast in this recipe by Marian Cooper Cairns, but you can easily swap Muenster, Edam, or Monterey Jack cheeses in place of the Gouda, if desired. Kölsch complements the yeast and cheese perfectly in our fantails. Light, dry, and crisp with malty flavors and delicate hops, Kölsch is a milder all-day drinking beer ideal for bread baking. We like Rogue Honey Kölsch, Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower, and Ballast Point California Kölsch.

5. Sweet Potato Dutch Oven Bread

This Dutch oven bread is tender with a brilliant orange hue and a touch of sweetness. Don’t miss our guide to buying the best dutch oven!

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